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Welcome… Welcome

Well, I’d love to say that we are going to go on fun adventures together, and we will grow and be besties, BUT due to the sheer number of failed blog/vlog attempts in my past, I will just say for now, I have a blog, I hope to actually update it semi-regularly.  I am a firm believer that a blog needs a shtick as a blog just about my life would involve some really mundane posts like…

Today dear readers, I actually went outside!  For like 20 minutes!

No, my life isn’t all that interesting.  That is sort of the point.  I have gotten into the bad habit of feeding some really bad habits (none illegal or anything don’t worry) that have sort of made my life boring, and I think kept me from being a real grown up.  So there is the shtick you see, I am going to try to break or minimize my MANY bad habits and also grow up a little.  Just a little, I don’t want to tax myself to much 😉

Ok, so hopefully the next post will not be like three months from now… here’s to hoping 🙂



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