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Oh right… I have a blog

I guess semi-regularly is once a month in my book?  Oh well, I know you will forgive me.  I have not been overly idle since last I shared, no I have not. Here is a little rundown…

Caffeine – Still caffeine free 🙂 Only once, in the last month have I ever even considered drinking it, and that incident was directly related to having to drive late at night. I made it home in one piece caffeine free. Yay me…

Other bad habits I have yet to tell you about – food, money, health and being a grown up. Don’t worry, we will get to all of them eventually. In the mean time here is some information about how I am changing the habits you still don’t actually know about.

Money – I read Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey about two weeks ago and it was really the kick in the rear I needed.  Not just about money, but about life.  It is actually the second book by him I have had the pleasure of reading, but when I read an earlier book, I wasn’t in the position to actually do anything about it, or in the right frame of mind to try to change my position.  This time the book really hit home.  I will share more about it some other time.

Job – still at my meaningless boring temporary job.  I am so thankful that I have it, but so sad that I can’t find a teaching job.  I have opened up my search to other states so hopefully I will get something soon.


Alright friends let’s hope it isn’t May next time…

Forgetful Beba 🙂


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