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On Jobs and Passions

As a recent college graduate (stories on that later), I am smack in the middle of a job hunt.  Problem is there are not many out there, worse, my degree is in teaching and you may not have heard but those jobs are few and far between.  This you see, gets my down.

I envy those who are doing jobs they love.  Those who are pursuing passions and following dreams.  I have a feeling this isn’t a majority of people though.  How many can honestly say they “love” what they do?

It seems that getting a job in my chosen career field might be a year or two away.  So, I must find a way to make money until then.  I would love to make money pursuing a passion but the truth is, I am not sure what they are.  I can’t be passionless, can I?  I mean I like things, but I wouldn’t call them passions.  I am not passionate about fashion, but I like to read about the latest trends.  I like fantasizing about living in Europe, but as a passion?  I haven’t made many steps to actually make it happen.  So what does one do when the passion in your life isn’t something you can make money from, or even recognize?  I guess I will have to figure out what my passion is.  Cultivate it, and then figure out a way to profit from it.

Until then, I am off to find a bill paying job 😦


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  1. You should make Canadian culture your passion. Maybe then you’ll move up here! ;D

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