Bad habit free… someday

I guess semi-regularly is once a month in my book?  Oh well, I know you will forgive me.  I have not been overly idle since last I shared, no I have not. Here is a little rundown…

Caffeine – Still caffeine free 🙂 Only once, in the last month have I ever even considered drinking it, and that incident was directly related to having to drive late at night. I made it home in one piece caffeine free. Yay me…

Other bad habits I have yet to tell you about – food, money, health and being a grown up. Don’t worry, we will get to all of them eventually. In the mean time here is some information about how I am changing the habits you still don’t actually know about.

Money – I read Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey about two weeks ago and it was really the kick in the rear I needed.  Not just about money, but about life.  It is actually the second book by him I have had the pleasure of reading, but when I read an earlier book, I wasn’t in the position to actually do anything about it, or in the right frame of mind to try to change my position.  This time the book really hit home.  I will share more about it some other time.

Job – still at my meaningless boring temporary job.  I am so thankful that I have it, but so sad that I can’t find a teaching job.  I have opened up my search to other states so hopefully I will get something soon.


Alright friends let’s hope it isn’t May next time…

Forgetful Beba 🙂


Bad Habit: Caffeine

On Monday, I had no caffeine.  This may not seem like a big deal to normal people who don’t see caffeine as a big deal, or who don’t drink it all day long, but for us caffeine addicts, it is a huge deal.  For me, it is a huge deal.  I have given up caffeine before.  Last year in fact I went a good 7 months without it.  However I let myself have one, then another and well lets just say that on Sunday I drank 4 Diet Pepsi’s and a black tea lemonade from Starbucks.

It’s safe to say I am back on caffeine.  So I decided to give it up again.

Giving up things like caffeine and sugar are torturous.  On Monday I had such a severe migraine (a problem I have) that it required 15 hours of sleep to feel even semi-normal.   Tuesday I was sluggish and felt not great and today, day three I am feeling a migraine coming.  It takes about 2-5 days to completely get over the effects of the caffeine withdrawals in my experience.  This time around it has been very rough.

So, it begs the question why?  Why give it up if it is torturous and you are having a hard time.  Well there are 3 reasons I keep telling myself to get through.

1.  Aspertame – I just don’t like the idea of ingesting it anymore.  I mean a 4 Diet Pepsi a day habit is a lot of this stuff and I am finding myself increasingly drawn to a whole food, toxin free lifestyle.  Artificial sugar just can’t play a role in that.

2.  Sugar – why not just switch to coffee or regular Pepsi?  I don’t like coffee in the slightest so that is out, and drinking sugar is not something that appeals to me.  I would love to eventually free myself of refined sugar, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves 🙂  I get plenty of sugar thriughout the day without drinking it thank you, and HFCS kinda weirds me out, not sure why.

3.  Cold Turkey – I am not someone who can eat a little of this, and moderate my intake of that.  I am all or nothing.  One Pepsi in my life turns into a bunch.  I do better when I go cold turkey.  Unfortunately I have not developed the ability to be “cool” and eat one, drink one and be done with it.

So there you go, one bad habit on the way out.  I am thinking I need to make a list on the sidebar that I can cross out when I kick the habit…

Until Next time…

Caffeine Free Beba

On Jobs and Passions

As a recent college graduate (stories on that later), I am smack in the middle of a job hunt.  Problem is there are not many out there, worse, my degree is in teaching and you may not have heard but those jobs are few and far between.  This you see, gets my down.

I envy those who are doing jobs they love.  Those who are pursuing passions and following dreams.  I have a feeling this isn’t a majority of people though.  How many can honestly say they “love” what they do?

It seems that getting a job in my chosen career field might be a year or two away.  So, I must find a way to make money until then.  I would love to make money pursuing a passion but the truth is, I am not sure what they are.  I can’t be passionless, can I?  I mean I like things, but I wouldn’t call them passions.  I am not passionate about fashion, but I like to read about the latest trends.  I like fantasizing about living in Europe, but as a passion?  I haven’t made many steps to actually make it happen.  So what does one do when the passion in your life isn’t something you can make money from, or even recognize?  I guess I will have to figure out what my passion is.  Cultivate it, and then figure out a way to profit from it.

Until then, I am off to find a bill paying job 😦

Welcome… Welcome

Well, I’d love to say that we are going to go on fun adventures together, and we will grow and be besties, BUT due to the sheer number of failed blog/vlog attempts in my past, I will just say for now, I have a blog, I hope to actually update it semi-regularly.  I am a firm believer that a blog needs a shtick as a blog just about my life would involve some really mundane posts like…

Today dear readers, I actually went outside!  For like 20 minutes!

No, my life isn’t all that interesting.  That is sort of the point.  I have gotten into the bad habit of feeding some really bad habits (none illegal or anything don’t worry) that have sort of made my life boring, and I think kept me from being a real grown up.  So there is the shtick you see, I am going to try to break or minimize my MANY bad habits and also grow up a little.  Just a little, I don’t want to tax myself to much 😉

Ok, so hopefully the next post will not be like three months from now… here’s to hoping 🙂


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